In October of 2017 I made the terrifying but exciting decision to leave my full time job with benefits to become a small business owner. Inspired by my lifelong love for delicate jewelry, precious metals and gemstones: Gypsy Dust Jewelry was born.

My journey to create this business started many years ago. Growing up I had a hard time finding clothes and accessories that fit my style. And I would regularly find myself cutting and sewing my own clothes and making my own jewelry. With my late Grandmother's sewing machine in hand, I would hack apart the clothing my parents would buy me and repurpose them into the statement pieces I was known for wearing. Accompanied with a steady hand for drawing, my parents told me at a young age they knew I would grow up to be a Fashion Designer.

Jewelry has always captivated and inspired me. When I was a child I lived in a small town in Arizona called Tucson. Every year in Tucson my Mother and Grandmother would take me to the Tucson Gem Show. At the Gem Show, we would try on, buy and look at the most exquisite and unique pieces of jewelry. My favorites were always the pieces made by the local Native Americans.

I graduated from High School in 2008 and was immediately accepted into a reputable four year Fashion Design program. Upon graduation I found myself in an internship in Los Angeles that eventually turned into my first full time job in the Fashion Industry. After spending the next 5 1/2 years working for various clothing companies, and a lifelong desire for financial independence, I decided it was time to risk it all in an effort to become my own boss.

Years later, my love for design and appreciation for unique jewelry has come full circle into my own collection. The name Gypsy Dust is a play on words from "Pixie Dust." Gypsy Dust is delicate, magical, sparkling and feminine.